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Our elves have scoured the Internet and found the world's best sound files for you to put on your Talking TP!

All you have to do is hold Talking TP about a foot from your computer speaker, and play the file. Experiment with the sound volume etc. until you get it the way you want. The recording time is 6 seconds.

Please send any great wav files you have to us, and we'll put them in the library for everyone to use -

"Please note, some of these sounds may not be appropriate for younger children."

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Click on these links to hear & record some great stuff!

 2001 - "Take a stress pill, Dave"
 Ace Ventura laughter
 Al Gore - "I created the Internet"
 Austin Powers - "You're shagadelic, baby!"
 Bart Simpson - "Where cooties come from!"
 Blazing Saddles - "You use your tongue prettier…"
 Bowel medicine side effects
 Brady Bunch - "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"
 Bugs Bunny - "What's up, Doc?"
 Captain Kirk - "I was saving the galaxy…"
 Chris Farley - "Mother of God, what's the hold up?
 Close Encounters theme music
 Crowd - "Happy New Year!"
 Darth Vader - "Impressive!"
 Dirty Harry - "Make my day"
 Dumb and Dumber - "We're looking for some oil boys"
 Dumb and Dumber - "Most annoying sound"
 "I've fallen, and I can't get up!"
 Forest Gump - "Box of chocolates"
 Garth Brooks - "Happy birthday!"
 Hannibal Lecter - "Having a friend for dinner"
 Holy Ghost Enema
 Homer Simpson - "Doh, doh, doh, doh…"
 "Honey, you smell"
 Humphrey Bogart - "Here's looking at you, kid"
 Jack Nicholson - "You can't handle the truth"
 Jaws - "This will swim up and bite you in the ass"
 Jerry Lee Lewis - "Hello good looking!"
 Jimmy Stewart - "Merry Christmas!"
 Jingle Bells Music
 Jurassic Park - "Now that's a big pile of ..."
 Krusty the Clown Laughter
 Lost in Space - "Warning!  Warning!  Warning!"
 Marlon Brando - "I could have been a contender"
 Martha Stewart - "It's a good thing"
 Mike Meyers - "Do you want to touch my monkey?"
 Mister Ed - "You'd make a great ventriloquism dummy"
 Monty Python - "Your father was a hamster…"
 Mr. Spock - "Live long and prosper"
 Psycho Music
 Naked Gun - "Nice beaver!"
 Neil Armstrong - "One small step…"
 Obi Wan Kenobi - "May the Force be with you"
 Planet of the Apes - "Get your hands off me!"
 Princess Bride - "Inconceivable!"
 Ronald Reagan - "We begin bombing Russia in 5 minutes"
 Simpsons - "Beef jerky now is nearly rectum-free!"
 Simpsons - "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap…"
 Some old movie - "The fullness of your cheeks…"
 Sound of toilet flushing
 Sound of woman screaming
 Sports Announcer - "That's outstanding!"
 Star Trek - "The transfer of data is complete"
 The Godfather - "An offer he can't refuse"
 Three Stooges - "I'm trying to think"
 Tom Hanks - Laughter
 Wargames - "Your system sucks!"
 Wayne's World - "Did you eat paint chips as a kid?"
 Welcome Back Kotter theme
 Wizard of Oz - "I'll get you my pretty…"
 Weakest Link

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