Make Your Toilet Paper Talk

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What could your talking tp holder say

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This is the funniest gift.

We are taking it to a dirty santa party. It appears to be of good quality and easily fits over a roll of toilet paper. Easy to record and change the message. Remember to have 2 AAA batteries as they are not included.....


This thing is awesome.

I don’t know how her thing so simple can bring so much joy in my life. Just a tip if you’re going to get this don’t keep it on the toilet paper roll all the time. Just do it every once in a while.That way they don’t know it’s coming.


This is just funny.

I purchased it as joke to mess with people and it is worth every cent. You can change the recordings. The sounds comes out very nice and can be heard. The recording is not very long but it does not have to be. And when you are done, you can just leave it randomly at someone's house or business and let the fun continue on and spread the joy!


I bought this item so long ago

It was to give message to my three sons and it worked. Now they are young adults and they are still listening to my husband's message "don't forget to wash your bottom and your hands"


If you want to make someone laugh

when they use the toilet and really freak them out, you need to purchase this. You can record anything you want on this over and over again. Very simple to use. We got this to use on Christmas and my wife and I just recorded a simple "Merry Christmas". You could hear the laughter from the bathroom. Great toy! Buy it and have fun.


Talking TP (Talking Toilet Paper)

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