President Trump, through the number one Interpreter, tells Voters why they should vote for him, via a re recordable Talking Toilet Paper that records you or Trump's Puns.  Every sale offers a donation to his campaign. Every sale gives you a free Trump download, OR record one yourself.

Trump Quotes

“Buy TTP, AND vote for me!”

“Democracy is one flush away”
“Flush the dump vote for Trump”
“Lower your gas, give Biden the pass”
“Make America Great Again”
“The hoe and Joe need to go”


“If it sinks, the swamp still stinks”
“The Dems are full of crap”

Hilarious at any gathering (or guest bathroom!) when the Talking Toilet Paper quotes Donald Trump, (the number one Impersonator) as only he can tell it like it is! The unit is consumer friendly. It consists of an electronic spindle with a recording device and motion sensor, which you can use to record all of Trump's Talking Puns off the website, or record one yourself as the device is re recordable for 9 seconds.

  • If your favorite mother in law is visiting and you need to shut Trump up, you simply push the off switch.

  • Or one better, record her in the bathroom and give it to her for Christmas.

  • A portion of profits from each sale will be donated to the 'Trump 2024' Presidential campaign.

  • So you can truly help to Make America Great Again!

  • Support Freedom! Support a Cause! Support the First Amendment!

  • Buy Trump's Talking TP Puns today!